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Can A Disposable Facemask Prevent You From Germ And Viruses?

Can A Disposable Facemask Prevent You From Germ And Viruses?

disposable antiviral facemasks

Face masks are generally used to prevent or protect you from the viruses or germs in the surrounding. They are made up of creases on the front with earloops. These earloop disposable facemasks are designed in a curve shape and are adjustable on the nose by a stick, which will prevent dusty particles or germs from getting inside.

This article will highlight the use of disposal facemask to prevent germs and tell you when to use this mask.

Who should use disposable facemask?

Nowadays, the globe is largely affected by harmful viruses, affecting your health and cause issues like coughs, respiratory problems, and nausea. So, this mask helps to suppress the transmission of germs into our bodies. People who are infected by disease are advised to wear these masks to prevent transmission.

Uses of a disposable Face Mask

A disposable face mask can be used for various purposes, including Isolation (ideal for home use)

  • Surgeries
  • Dental or medical treatments.
  • Laboratory experiments.
  • Non-surgical procedures, which don’t involve sprays and fluids.
  • Research

When to Use a Face mask

There are different situations in which you can use a facemask, including.

  • When there is dust, debris, or dirt in the atmosphere or traveling at the dusty place.
  • You can use this mask in a place where disinfected sprays are used, like chemical industries and for insect Stings/Bites
  • People can carry these masks if they have any allergies to prevent exposure to Exposure infectious fluids.
  • Facemask can be used to avoid the smell of paint or gases containing ammonia.

Types Of Facemask

There are 3 types of masks.

1.     Cloth mask

Cloth face masks are made up of simple cloth, usually cotton. They are washable and be used several times. However, they can provide limited protection to you from germs but are beneficial in public places. Moreover, these masks can be used in a grocery store or market to avoid dust or germs. Also, they are cheap and can also be made at home.

2.     Surgical face masks

Surgical masks are commonly used in hospitals and laboratories by doctors, dentist while operating or treating patients. They are fairly loose-fitted with earloop can also be called an earloop disposable facemask.

Moreover, they protect you from germs and bodily fluid entering your body through the nose or mouth. Also, they prevent you from splashes and sprays from other individuals who are suffering from disease or cold and cough.

3.     N95 facemask

N95 facemask is a special type of mask, specially designed to protect you from diseases like anthrax and tuberculosis. Moreover, they prevent air from entering as they are perfectly sealed and has no gaps in between. They are also known as respirators.

Further, they are considered the most effective way to prevent transmission of viruses or diseases among all the facemask. However, they are costly than other regular facemasks due to their high-protection quality.

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