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Is a disposable face mask safer to use to stop the virus?

Is a disposable face mask safer to use to stop the virus?

Nowadays, the world has been infected by the deadly coronavirus. It is making it compulsory for all individuals to wear disposable facemasks and surgical masks everyplace. The disposable antiviral facemasks are non-medical masks, worn anywhere by anyone who wants to protect themselves from harmful dust particles, germs, and bacteria.

Various disposable face mask colors such as light blue, black, white, pink, and many others, but medical staff usually carry blue masks for medical use. The disposable facemask is considered the best disposable facemask virus protector as it decreases the chances of getting infected with the virus and is breathable at the same time.

Is The Disposable Facemasks Safe?

These disposable antiviral facemasks are safe but not that helpful when you directly contact the virus or germs. Even these mask are not that much secure for the medical level because they don’t have the requirements of disinfection and sterilization standards. So, they allow the filtering of bacteria and germs.

These masks’ primary purpose is to protect you from dust, harmful air pollutant and to protect yourself from germs at a minor level. However, the medical facemask or surgical mask undergoes sterilization and disinfection processes and can block the harmful germs and viruses to enter your mouth more protectively.

What Types Of Masks Are There?

In the market, you can find different forms and types of masks. In particular, there are three main categories in which face mask are divided such as:

  • Ordinary mask: it is composed of cotton cloth, gauze, wool, etc. this regular mask doesn’t have filter protection and cannot filter bacteria. Its primary purpose is to keep warm and windproof.
  • Daily protective mask: it is used for everyday purposes to filter out particulate matter in an air-polluted environment. Also, these mask has no effect of germs and bacterial filtration.
  • Medical mask: they are referred to as the best disposable facemask virus protector that can block pathogens, secretions, block droplets, blood, body fluids, and other harmful substances. It is applicable in the medical working environment. These masks are divided into medical protective masks, n95 mask black, disposable medical masks, medical-surgical masks, and KN95 masks, and so on.

Instructions To Wearing A Surgical Face Mask Correctly

There is a useful guide to where the disposable surgical mask. Here are some simple instructions and guidelines that will help you in wearing the disposable face mask quickly.

  1. The colored side Goes on the Outside, and the color side has a fluid repellent layer that distinguishes it from the inner side.
  2. The soft side of the facemask should be towards the face. The softer side’s touch is moist with an absorbent layer, and the rougher layer faces outward and is the moisture-repellent layer.
  3. The folds of the facemask should be facing downwards with a nose bridge on top. In other words, the colored side of the surgical mask should face outward with the help of a metallic or moveable strip.


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