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Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

Buy high quality and 100% original latex nitrile gloves.

Get disposable gloves for the prevention and protection of air-borne diseases and Novel Corona Virus. As this latex gloves and specifically designed with medicated material to safeguard your hands from external viruses, germs and bacteria.


Looking For The Best Latex thick Nitrile Gloves? Get High-Quality Nitrile Gloves From Lazzaro Planet

Lazzaro planet offers disposable medpride nitrile gloves that are intended to protect your hands from external harmful environment and other bacteria. Our company’s latex purple nitrile gloves are made from pure nitrile butadiene, which is a high-quality synthetic rubber and it is best for people who are worried about latex allergies. Don’t worry about allergies, as our gloves are made up of high-quality latex and are medically tested. Our latex nitrile gloves are also highly resistant to greases, oil, chemicals, fuel, and other infectious agents.

Whereas our medpride nitrile gloves offer outstanding snag, cut, puncture, and great abrasion resistance. Disposable purple thick nitrile gloves are made out of natural rubber and we offer high-quality gloves, they are very popular in medical and industrial uses. Our medpride nitrile gloves give the wearer a great deal of tactility, dexterity, comfort, make ideal for medical, auto repair, and other applications like food service. These latex nitrile gloves are also good-resistant to heat and you can buy them as high-quality cheap thick nitrile gloves food safe and baking gear. Our gloves provide great touch sensitivity and strength which make them suitable in high-risk environments as well.

Lazzaro’s Gloves Range Covers A Wide Range Of Protection, Medical, And latex nitrile Gloves

We provide a wide variety of gloves and our high-quality thin and thick nitrile gloves are used for protection in medical industries and hygiene purposes in the healthcare sector. Our gloves pass through various examinations as we aim to provide the best quality medpride nitrile gloves nitrile gloves to our customers at a cheap price and they are famous as cheap thick nitrile gloves food safe with the best quality.

These protective gloves of our company are divided into various types of disposable latex nitrile gloves that can be used for specific needs in laboratories, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and cleaning sectors. Lazzaro Planet gloves range also have high demand in the food industry and niche segments like tattoo artists and hairdressers. We provide a massive and comprehensive variety of quality gloves for work-wear and fashion wear as well. Our products are light and comfortable and also provide great effective protection for long period applications. Moreover, our gloves are powder-free and are high resistance to the majority of the chemicals. These thick nitrile gloves food safe are suitable for various uses, from any basic checks to very dangerous material handling.

We Have the Best Nitrile Gloves for Medical & Commercial Use!

When it comes to looking for supreme quality and evergreen latex nitrile gloves or any other type of cheap nitrile gloves in the market, it becomes a bit challenging to pick the best manufacturing source. Each supplier claims their product to be the best one despite having inferior quality, while some products aren’t durable enough. Here, Lazzaroplanet takes you to a world where you can expect to diversified variety of nitrile gloves, ranging from med pride nitrile gloves to thick nitrile gloves, as the leading name in trading platforms in the entire Berlin, Germany.

Through our trading platform, you can get linked with leading nitrile glove manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. The brands we’re affiliated with provide an immense variety of quality cheap nitrile gloves. Their purple nitrile gloves are intended to protect your hands from external harmful bacteria and polluted environments. The latex purple nitrile gloves which we provide are made from pure nitrile butadiene – a standard quality synthetic rubber, the best choice for people who’re allergic to latex as our supplied gloves are made up of high-quality latex and clinically tested.

The latest nitrile glove is also strongly resistant to oil, fuel, greases, and other infectious agents. On the other hand, the med pride nitrile gloves are also strongly resistant to puncture, cut, and excellent abrasion. As far as colored nitrile gloves are concerned, the purple nitrile gloves are made using natural rubber, making them demanding in the medical and industrial sectors.

How Thick Nitrile Glove Provides Medical Protection?

Hygiene is the most critical asset in all working industries, be it medical, Food, or health care business. Concerning this, we ensure to provide gloves that protect in all regards. We offer a wide variety of gloves, and our high-quality thin and thick nitrile gloves food safe are used for protection in medical industries. All gloves are thoroughly inspected, and we have passed several examinations to supply our clients with something guaranteed and worth invested.

The vast range of our supplied protective gloves is divided into different types of disposable latex nitrile gloves, which can be used for specific purposes in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, and cleaning sectors. Besides, we also own high demand in the food industry as our supplied protective gloves are equally applicable for other practical sectors.

The thick nitrile gloves are not only resistant to many strong chemicals but are also powder-free. This makes it versatile for various uses, from any necessary checks to hazardous material handling. The nitrile gloves provide the user a great deal of comfort, dexterity, tactility and make it even best to use for medical, auto repair, and other applications.

Why Nitrile Disposable Gloves from Lazzaroplanet?

We do not emphasize supplying gloves only, but we also aim to help all those retailers, distributors, and buyers who work day and night to expand their businesses and strictly focus on extending services by providing ahead something incredibly useful. Thus, brands from other counties choose our platform to distribute cheap nitrile gloves in bulk quantity.

Apart from this, we boast of supplying Nitrile gloves food safe made using synthetic rubber that exceeds latex in every possible way. However, the main perks of buying cheap nitrile gloves – in any type or color – from Lazzaroplanet includes;

  • Higher puncture resistance
  • Higher chemical/ liquid/ gas protection
  • Heavy duty strength
  • Higher tactile sensitivity without sacrificing any of the above

The best part is, these gloves are not gender-specific and useful for both right hand or left-hand people since it’s made in the ambidextrous design, as well as for people who’re sensitive to latex or donning powder skin (a non-allergenic material)

Use Range of Nitrile Gloves

At Lazzaroplanet, you can browse a wide variety of nitrile gloves, in plenty of colors, including purple nitrile gloves. Other available color options include; black, white, and cobalt blue, etc. As cheap nitrile gloves are chemically resistant due to acrylonitrile monomer, this feature makes them able to bear vegetable oil, mineral oils, diesel, gasoline, fuel, and many acids.

The Nitrile gloves are latex-free, a safe choice for individuals prone to catch latex reactions. The main objective here is to create a barrier between wearers’ skin, pathogens, contaminants, and other harmful materials.


  • Prevent certain pH, and provide adequate chemical protection for corrosive substances like; petroleum & solvents
  • Provides best physical properties, good resistance to puncture, & rich in anti-friction properties
  • Less chemical rests on the surface has low ionic content, and suitable for a strict clean-room environment
  • Constructed in ergonomic design of glove palm machine bowing fingers to make wearing agreeable and helpful for blood flow.
  • No protein, Amino mixtures, and other hurtful substances, almost no sensitivity.
  • No silicon component provides certain anti-static performance, & useful for electronic industry production.


Q.1) What is the difference between latex and nitrile gloves?

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber material and is commonly used as disposable glove material.  It has a higher puncture resistance with a better chemical resistance as compared to vinyl and Latex gloves.

Whereas, the latex gloves on other hand come directly from rubber trees. These gloves are frequently used as disposable gloves as the only strong disposable glove material option in the market right now.

Q.2) What are nitrile latex gloves?

First of all, it isn’t nitrile latex, but nitrile and latex gloves because there’s a difference between both. Nitrile gloves are known for their incredible resistance to puncture, and it’s highly durable. It is strong enough to face exposure to chemicals, solvents, and oil which easily destroy natural latex gloves. While, latex is quite an economical option for those who don’t need stronger chemical, and puncture resistance.

Q.3) Are nitrile gloves made out of latex?

No, because nitrile gloves are free of latex, BPA, Phthalate, MBT, Vinyl, and often powder-free. Also, the nitrile gloves are waterproof. They are made of synthetic rubber which doesn’t contain latex, this makes it safe for users who’re allergic to latex.

Q.4) Do hospitals use nitrile or latex gloves?

The nitrile gloves today have become a standard medical supply for all emergency units and hospitals, yet they’re equally used by housekeepers, police officers, factory workers, and veterinarians. Whereas, latex gloves are used by doctors and surgeons performing minor procedures.

The reason behind the sudden rise of latex allergy among health professionals is using gloves made of non-latex materials like; nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride, or neoprene which somehow become a norm today.

Q.5) Which Gloves Are Better Nitrile or Latex?

It depends on which certain application you need, as both have different features, and uses. Nitrile is highly durable, and stronger, unlike latex. The latex glove is quite economical, and a general option for those who aren’t much conscious of chemical or puncture resistance. This is why we can’t put one over the other as it depends on which task we need nitrile or latex glove.

Q.6) Are nitrile gloves medical grade?

Yes, the nitrile gloves fall into two categories – concerning their concerning applications; nitrile industrial grade, and nitrile medical grade. However, the nitrile medical grade gloves are best to use in healthcare fields, or any such work as it helps in protecting against blood-borne pathogens, body fluids, and have a strong resistance to puncture. The nitrile industrial-grade gloves are useful for industrial-related uses such as; chemical work, food chain business, and in-home use, etc.

Q.7) Is nitrile safe on the skin?

Yes, nitrile gloves are safe on the skin as much as they’re safe for hands. In fact, with regards to skin safety, nitrile gloves are widely used by the majority of individuals who’re allergic to latex. The reason is, nitrile is free of latex, and thus protects hands and skin from any potential reaction.

Q.8) What do nitrile gloves protect against?

Always buy any kind of protective gloves on basis of certain hazards which it involves or protect against certain features required for skin and health protection. So do nitrile gloves are, it’s highly protective against infectious agents and chemicals. The rubber gloves protect from mild corrosive material, and neoprene gloves protect from oil, solvents, and mild corrosive materials.

Q.9) Can you disinfect nitrile gloves?

Since nitrile gloves are chemically resistant to isopropyland ethanol alcohol, thus both nitrile and latex gloves can be cleaned with an alcohol-based hand rub solution. It’s highly effective in removing microorganisms, along with hand contamination rates which increase only after 9–10 cycles of cleansing. Every one of the gloves was unblemished after the use of liquor sanitizer multiple times, while one brand of latex gloves remained flawless after utilization of 83% ethanol multiple times.

Q.10) How long do nitrile gloves last?

Nitrile Gloves are biodegradable, and they eventually degrade at some time, but it takes more time to break down, unlike latex. The thing is, latex gloves are recommended by a majority of professions for its incredible durability, especially when it gets exposed to blood-borne pathogens, and other environmental pollutants. However, it takes a longer time to expire as compared to latex disposable gloves.

Q.11)  Why color Matters in Nitrile Gloves like purple nitrile gloves?

Colors don’t affect the quality of gloves. The process of coloring gloves is just like adding dye to the glove-making process, and it doesn’t affect the quality of gloves made. However, a few colored gloves are used for specific applications, such as purple nitrile gloves made with highly durable nitrile polymer. It is powder-free and not made with natural rubber latex, known as “latex-free.”

Q.12) Do All Concerned Industries use the same color nitrile gloves?

No, each industry has a different way of symbolizing their use of nitrile gloves in different colors. For instance, white-colored gloves are considered a standard color for industrial applications. Dark blue colored gloves are widely used in the food industry since it contrasts with food colors usually made.


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