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What is the Best Reason to Consider Nitrile Gloves Over Latex Gloves?

What is the Best Reason to Consider Nitrile Gloves Over Latex Gloves?

Posted on: March 19th, 2021

The nitrile gloves are widely demanded their puncture resistance, chemical, resistance, germ protection, and bulk shipping.  Also, nitrile gloves are rich in high abrasion, and a wide range of chemicals. It further protects from blood-borne pathogens and other bio-hazards.

As far as the choice of colors in nitrile gloves especially, purple nitrile gloves are concerned, so these specific color gloves are made using highly durable nitrile polymer which is powder-free, and doesn’t contain natural rubber latex, this is why it also known as “latex-free” gloves.

Why Color Matters in Feature, Use, or Quality of Gloves?

The disposable gloves now come in a variety of colors as part of the market trend. The colors include; blue, purple, white, black, pink, and orange, etc. Now you would be wondering “does color affect the quality of gloves?” Of course not!

Tones don’t influence the nature of gloves, as the way toward shading gloves is similar to adding color to the glove-making interaction, and it doesn’t influence the nature of gloves made. Even though we can say that some shaded gloves are known for specific applications, similar to, purple nitrile gloves.

What about Latex gloves?

The Latex nitrile gloves are usually assumed to be an alternate for nitrile gloves, but actually, it’s not! The nitrile glove was initiated as a solution for individuals who are allergic to latex proteins which thus complement latex gloves

The truth of the matter is; nitrile gloves can’t be supplanted with latex gloves on the whole circumstances; how about we take an illustration of a working room. At any rate, nitrile glove is best for those conditions which are not impervious to hydrocarbons, or where protection from hydrocarbons is significant.

MedprideNitirile Gloves

This is one of the types of nitrile medical-grade gloves and is made for additional strength and durability. The med pride glove is best to use for medical purposes. Some notable features are;

NON-ALLERGENIC: Since the medpride gloves are made utilizing sans latex manufactured elastic, and without powder, this settles on it an extreme decision for those clients who’re touchy to elastic and powder made things

Indispensable DEXTERITY: the medpride nitrile gloves incorporates an ideal thickness and completed fingertips, enable transcendent material affectability, and full-scale control in circumstances where accuracy control in little equipment is required

High STRENGTH: This nitrile clinical glove is made with clinical evaluation manufactured elastic. The med pride dispensable gloves give higher protection from the cut, is profoundly stretchable, and extraordinarily sturdy as it contains a beaded bind plan.

Other categories of nitrile gloves fall into the category of nitrile industrial-grade, which includes nitrile gloves food-safe, this one is mostly used in catering, and other food-related businesses.

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